TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES - Официальный трейлер #2 (2014) [HD]

Release Date: August 8, 2014 Studio: Paramount Pictures Director: Jonathan Liebesman Screenwriter: Josh Appelbaum, Andrew Nemec, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, John Fusco Starring: Megan Fox, Alan Ritchson, Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, Noel Fisher, Will Arnett, Danny Woodburn, William Fichtner, Johnny Knoxville, Tony Shalhoub Genre: Action, Adventure MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for sci-fi action violence) Official Websites Plot Summary: The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York

THE SCIENCE BEHIND COLORED LIQUIDS Часы HYT is UNIQUE, with no equivalent in watchmaking to display time with liquids. The complexity behind the elaboration of these colored fluids is... далее>

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Часы HYT - BASELWORLD 2014 OFFICIAL COLLECTIONS Discover the Baselworld 2014 collections of the Hydro Mechanical Horologists Часы HYT - a new dawn in watchmaking MalinaCafe... далее>

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Behind Часы HYT's unique technology (2/2) Discover the human challenge combining the realms of chemistry, nanotechnology, and Haute Horlogerie behind our innovative watches MalinaCafe... далее>

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