Скания Scania Legend 2014: A gearbox is born

This video shows how a Scania 12+2-speed range-splitter gearbox is assembled at the Scania gearbox production facilities in Södertälje, Sweden. Gearboxes are also produced in Tucumán, Argentina. All gearboxes used in Scania’s long-haulage trucks are developed and manufactured by Scania. Shot in time-lapse, the video shows the whole gearbox assembly process, something that takes about an hour in real life. The gearbox produced in this video is the same type of gearbox fitted in German transport

Скания Scania Legend 2014: Around-the-clock operation Scania V8 trucks have been helping the world’s transport companies and their drivers to maintain high levels of productivity ever since the first... далее>

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Euro 6 engines by Скания Scania Euro 6 engines for trucks, coaches and buses are important to Scania. Scania offers the widest choice of renewable fuel engines on the market. See... далее>

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Скания Scania's new global engine range - Скания Scania V8 Scania now offers the widest range of heavy-duty trucks in the market. From 2012 they will all be powered by a range of engines that will be used... далее>

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Mining with Скания Scania Mining transport is all about moving high volumes of heavy material at the lowest possible cost. The strong, robust and reliable mining trucks from... далее>

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Скания Scania's heavy-haulage tractors meet every challenge Scania's new family of heavy-haulage tractors can be specified with Scania's most powerful, 3,500 Nm and 730 hp 16.4-litre V8 engines. The tractor... далее>

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